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Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is famous for shelling out advice on love, marriage and relationships, on his daytime talk show. He also boasts that his show is 2nd in the nation, because it helps people solve their relationship problems with a ‘get real’ approach. However, Dr. Phil is apparently unable to deal with his own problems. His first wife, Debbie, has reported that he isn’t a model husband. During their three year marriage, Dr. Phil expected her to do all of the domestic chores, as well as keep in good physical shape. According to Debbie, he was domineering and required her...

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for being an advocate for living a ‘green’ life. The A-list Hollywood actor drives a Prius, campaigns against global warming and he even made the cover of Vogue’s ‘Green Issue.’ There’s just one thing, DiCaprio owns a private jet. Leonardo seriously put his foot in his mouth, when he made the bonehead comment, “I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.” One private jet trip from New York to California is equal to several people’s total annual carbon emissions. Looks like it’s time to plant a better idea in DiCaprio’s mind...

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Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a documentary film maker that depicts himself as the common man and a champion of the working class. He publicly condemns capitalism, “greedy” corporations and the profit motive. Moore’s 2009 documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, examined the impact of corporate tyranny on the everyday lives of Americans. Michael even classified himself as an everyday American. Turns out, Michael Moore is an anti-capitalist, capitalist. Moore owns 9 homes, a private plane and is worth more than $50 million. Michael once said, “Capitalism is evil.” Perhaps, this member of the one percent should re-title his documentary, ‘Hypocrisy: A Michael Moore...

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